Electronics is Easy?

YouTube video clips

Copyright © 2023 by Clyde T. Eisenbeis

retired Electronic Design Engineer

Industry needs Electrical Engineers who understand electronic

fundamentals. These video clips provide those fundamentals.


The contents strive to be clear and concise. The intent is to prepare

Electrical Engineering students for the world of electronics


These video clips are based on 40 years of electronic design

experience at:

     Texas Instruments.

          -Radar Systems for the Navy.


          -Digital Magnetic Recording (for computers)

          -Anti-Shoplifting Systems

          -Cochlear Implants (restore a sense of hearing for the deaf)


          -Control Large Valves in an Oil Refinery with less power

                    than a 1 watt light bulb (pneumatic air pressure)

          -Wireless Communication with battery power that lasts

                    five years (without recharging)


They start at a middle school student level. They end at a college

student level.

Chapter 1

Electronic Basics

Middle School

Chapter 2

Analog Passive Components

High School & College

Chapter 3

Analog Discrete Active Components


Chapter 4

Analog Microcircuit Active Components


Chapter 5


High School & College

Chapter 6

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)


Chapter 7

Important Electronic Details


Chapter 8

Electronic Documentation


Chapter 9

Electronic Tests


Chapter 10

Electronic Manufacturing


Chapter 10

Electronic Synopsis


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